The Door, The Room, & The Window

Volume I: Adronicus

Chapter One

I will not go willingly into madness. I must place my self. I have seen through the window and am now compelled to pass through. I must remember, while I still can, and let the impressions take me where they will.

It was there, in Coventry, 13182. That is where it began and perhaps where it ended. Do not wonder about my birth, my childhood, or my education. This was a rebirth of sorts. And there will be never be a death to speak of. Of that, at least, I am now certain.

From that moment, to this moment, here, on the mountaintop in the north of Tanloc. This is where I am resting, my blood spreading across the snow after a battle with your God. Then, on that day, that evening, when the sun was low across the sky, the stone surrounded me. Not so on this day, when all feeling had left me and the sun itself seemed to have left in shame over what I had done. On that day, the hallway in which I sat was made of smooth, gray stone. At one end was a shadowed stairwell that descended to the floor below. At the other stood a massive door of some black material which seemed to absorb what little light came in through the arched window across from me. Outside I could see the shifting orange and pink of the sunset.